Long life, preserved
and luxury roses for
all occasions.


Our long-life iLuba roses are not only eco-friendly but are also made from fresh-cut flowers that last for a minimum of six months.


For decoration and gifting, it is always special to monetarily invest in a product that will live longer than a week. Our selection offers just that, requiring minimal intervention, but retaining its beauty.


Flowers are beautiful things and long-life roses capture that beauty well, and over a prolonged life span. Our collection does not require any watering or maintenance and still lasts for a long time.

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Get your scented long life roses from Rosabela

We cater to different floral needs including celebrations,
decoration, and gifting purposes.


Derived from the beautiful Italian language which means Luxury Flowers.
This meaning is distinctive and separates us from the rest.

Rosabela; the place where floral beauty and luxury meet. Our wide selection of long life roses promises a symbiotic relationship based on longevity and beauty. The long life roses last for a minimum of six months and retain the smell you have grown to like. Whether you would like your arrangement in a vase, a suede box, or favour a glass dome, we have options to capture your heart’s desires. 

We are a one-stop shop for romantic, sympathetic, courtesy flowers, roses, and gifts. Whether you want to surprise, enlighten or empathise, we are here for you.